See What This Woman Wore To Church This Sunday That Has Set The Internet On Fire! [Photos]


So this lady (Name Withheld) allegedly wore this dress to church today and this got everyone on social media talking instantly.

Some people are saying she can’t be bold enough to wear such to church but some totally agree that the world is crazy enough for such thing to happen. We are shocked just like you are right now!

Sexy Or Trashy? See the full picture below.

They are kids on the this website, so we can’t Post it directly on this Page, But If You’re an Adult.. CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON BELOW TO SEE IT NOW!

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  1. Which church fit accept member wey dress like dis, this gal must be an agent, which her mission is to seduce the pple dere… the pastor’s preaching today should b “LORD SAVE ME FROM KARISHIKA”…

  2. Hmmmmmm, I don’t think this is real falz everyone knows no church can accept this kind of outfit

  3. Why y guys always want to spoil church name. How on earth someone wore dat type of dress to church mayb in American shaà

  4. Pls stop talking rubbish and stop sowing evil seeds in d heart of non Christians u won’t gain anything doing this

  5. In Nigeria, our stupidity is of no equal, how can you swallow a story like this, this particular post is not new, came out last week, the girl in the picture is a porn model on twerk

  6. This is dirty lie….not in this country will someone wear such to church….stop spoilinq churches!!!!

  7. LmaoO.. I trust 9ja mothers wey dey tigh 2 to 3 wrappers. Dem go quickly comot 1 out of dier wrapper cover her nakedness.. Yeye… Maybe she never hear say dem dey rape a lady inside church

  8. What kind of fashion madness is this , in the house of God again ? God have mercy. Pls which church and country is this ?

  9. Which church did she wore this cloth to , that one na lie it won’t even happen in abroad. U guys should just tell us she wore it to a party. Haba

  10. She is lovely abeg…… Alot of peeps do worse tins than dis babe…… Dem dey here dey talk trash……. For that church dem no get ushers? Why didnt the ushers tell her to leave…… She yummy abeg…… Abeg come my house make we see……

  11. Yabaleft Shut up your Mouth and Thumb!
    She never wore this to church…. It has been roaming the NET for 2 to 3 weeks now!

  12. She’s a proper demon, a normal person would wear such to the house of God… N the church allowed her well if the can allow gays this can’t be new misinterpretation of the Bible… Antichrist is so much alive

  13. Hw could one be so crazy and wore dis to the house of worship? it doesn’t convey a good portrait at all

  14. These ppl dey lie die. A very false report,i wonder why they choose to link it with a Church dis tym. Dis picture is not new,it has been reported upon b4 now.

  15. Pls u people should try Neva 2 post mad people on d net all on d name of fashion,she is a disgrace 2 womanhood & xtianity

  16. Which church pls stop madness of posting bad news. Dis lady is one d model girl in clubs. So stop insulting d name of God, bt y nt mosque its only church dat u see

  17. Make we remember say dis precious flesh of ours go enter dust and don’t forget dat d worms an termites are waiting. Let’s please remember dat our body is for christ so that we would would with christ.thanks

  18. y wld a lady dress lyk dis all in d name of fashion ….dis is total madness …d world is coming to an end ooo

  19. if truely she wore that to church, and if truely she was allowed to the church den that is a shrine in the name of church

  20. For her to even claim a Christian is bad not to say wearing this to church. Where is her picture in church? Pls we should stop painting christianity this bad, why should you associate this madness way of life to church?.
    May God forgive you all.

  21. Y u angry? Do winners have code of dressing? And by the way do I have any biz with you? Get off my comment @ Jessica Momodu

  22. What kind of stupid talk is that, how can someone in her right senses wear this to church,, hmm i don’t blame you stupid reporters.

  23. seeing a woman naked and acting stupid on the street is a mad person and seeing a lady dressed like this and weird in the club is no difference they both need same prayer #divinehealing

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  25. Unbeliveable… Come 2 My Church Then U Will Know D Result Of Dis. Dis Person Has No Senses,if Dis Realy Happend.

  26. Pls you people shud stop saying dat she wore dis kinda trash to church oooo
    I believe she wouldn’t dare try such…
    Bcos if she does..,,,,,na holy ghost fire go pursue am to her normal destination

  27. Some people will just post something dat would make somebody forget say him put something for fire

  28. Why didn’t you post her picture worshiping inside a church just to convince me.. These pictures is being snapped in a bedroom and not a church. Bovi remember you are not talking to children..

  29. People going 2 church most of dam don’t know dat dey are just wetin dey time going 2 church coz no plc in d Bible u are told 2 go 2 church on Saturday or Sunday. D juses hm self never go 2 church one he never hear d word church in his lyf

  30. Why do you people like be fooled, where is the picture where she is in church? If you claim you saw her in church with this dress?

  31. Stop spoiling the name ”church ” It’s lie against holy spirit. Don’t allow God’s wrath to fall on you.

  32. d only church DAT will allow dis dress code inside dia church is Christ embassy, I guess am right?

  33. She is obviously an agent of Satan if this is true because I know u guys lie alot to gain people’s interest on ur page

  34. Hmmmm,oga bovi na wa too u ooo,,,,,anytin u say from now on must be checked properly b4 I believe,,,,, dnt know u can lie like dis

  35. she is a working tool for d devil to distract d people in the church.For me it is madness and she have disgrace her self.

  36. stoo using the name of church to get likes&comments it very very bad.we all know she went to no church ,not even church Satan.

  37. Show me this picture inside the church. least no be only she dey d church na..lie lie…babe wen dey infront of lift door..dey go club…no be only church. ..

  38. Abeg it this is madness I wonder maybe she is possessed or she nid 2 b delivered by a pastor it is a serious case

  39. I tel na if am lying I wil til add more 4 u no plc in d Bible jesus call is ppl Christian all wat ppl are doing in church 2day dey know plc dat jesus tel dm so plz AL wat am telling 2 go and research in ur Bible on ur hold coz if u ask any pastors dey wil nve tel u d truest. If u can be able to show m 1 of dis qtions in d Bible just 1 am rdy 2 b come a Christian

  40. What do u ppl mean by SCAM!don’t we have homos in church’s dis days,chai!Christians n dia fake lifs,no wonder Islam dey toy wit una.

  41. Haba Korede…..even you? Choi! Is not possible she wore this to church. Abi na una church she wear am go ni?

  42. Who ever is posting this claiming it was wore to church, u are among devil agents working against and blackmailing the church, be careful! be careful!! and be warned.

  43. You lies more than the devil, let’s see their picture among the congregation. You are satanic to have imagined this.

  44. Even Satan knows that the pics here has nothing to do with the house of could be some where else.

  45. To church or to a club house? Hmmm,that must be a dead church with a dead pastor leading dead members to hell..

  46. To which church? Satan also has churches. Maybe she wore it to church of sane human being can wear this to church of God.

  47. Korede Bello, you’re one musician I admire so much amongst our local artist back home in Nigeria, but for this post you made mockery of the church, what is the intent of this post? Which church did she attend in this manner? you make me sick with this post and considering you a wreck agent to the church of God.

  48. Its in possible when the urshers are not blind she can never be allowed to gain entrance into the church talk less of staying around the church premises stop posting unnecessary pix its a sin.

  49. we have so many types of church disdays.. one is church of Satian an the under is church of Christ Jesus.. I think that the lady went to church of Satan????

  50. Corede with this posting the Spirit of God will bring you down to the dust and men an women will make mockery of you .Delet it immediately and stop mocking churches .for ur own good .

  51. You are an enemy of the church & I don’t think your salvation will come from any church of Jesus Christ which you are betraying, bcos I know you will never post this rubbish and mention mosque. Repent now & b saved.

  52. To many of us, this is crazy, but the real matter is that she is insane. Tell me one thing that shows her as sane

  53. Satan punish u. your baba church she wore it to una dey brain wash all this small girls with bad thing.

  54. Korede I never knew you to be a liar like this. Maybe na ur fellowship dis one happen. Satanic fellowship. Mtchewww

  55. Dis Same world.. We saw a pastor telling all is church members to cum to church with ntin on deir body including pastor

  56. if nothing impossible… did u also think dey we allow dis kind thins to enter church… haba biko


  58. Na lie….no one wears this to the church, which of the Churches and in which of the countries of the world?….

  59. Korade bello…..u r still a kid with childish mentality……i jst realize it.
    I tot u were matured.

  60. Flat lie! No sane person can wear this to a club, not to talk of CHURCH. Poeple please dont believe anything you see or read on facebook.

  61. Dry post, it not possible someone can turn off is brain to where diz to church, even mad person does not move around naked. Xo shut d fuck u ar saying idiot

  62. Chisos, Korede Bello that I like so much is now a liar. Hmmm korede bello, God dey vex with you for that rubbish you post and mention church

  63. Mr sef… Y are u over reacting… Cant i use your name steal ur picture to open an account and call it yours when am using my own password


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