Meet 2Face Idibia’s Seven Cute Children – See How Big They Are Now (With Pictures)


Meet 2Face Idibia’s Seven Cute Children – One of Africa’s most popular musicians, 2face Idibia is celebrating his 40th birthday last year, September 18th.

Mr. Idibia got married to his long time girlfriend Annie in May, 2012. Before the wedding, The singer had different affairs with fleet of ladies, which made him become a father to seven kids, five of them outside marriage.

Below are their pictures:

Meet 2Face Idibia's Seven Cute Children - See How Big They Are Now [With Pictures] 1


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  1. Even you ete okon is pedling this cheap blogger lies just for people to click on and you will make money shame on you the people there are more than seven you can’t fool all the people all the time

  2. At least he accepted the children,what about does guy,musician, comedian, etc that impregnated there girlfriend and yet deny the fro today any man DAT deny his child thunder fire them.2face abeg no send anyone bad belle people

  3. dey r obviously nt his biological kids.. Dnt nid a dna test.. Dey r probably jst kids he’s helping out.

  4. falz i need to poison u i swear.. in fact i wan kill u… which kind human benig.. since d tym i started following u na so so lie u jux dey lie…

  5. i dnt knw why people believe in lies…go and read his biography,u will nw knw he has a charity home(idibia foundation)where he helps orphans out

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  7. Wow !!!!!! Liars academy. His children are not up to seven and they are not this grown up. So look for some other lies please. Thanz ……..

  8. please you people should know is not Okon using this page please, it is a spam. moreover they are not 2face children, 2baba face was just a photoshop there .

  9. Well its not in my nature to comment on such issues but when it concerns my favourite artist I go talk. Truth is I didn’t read or go through the whole 60 comments but the first few people who actually thought those were actually 2baba children are I rest my case

  10. tɦɛռ ċɦɛċҡ aɢaɨռ ɮċʊx tɦɛ 1st tաօ Iɢɮօ ʊ saա աɦɛʀɛ օռʟʏ ɖօɨռɢ aɖʋɛʀtɨsɛʍɛռt….. ռ ʍɨռɖ ʊ ɖɛʍ ɖʊռ aʟʀɛaɖʏ sɦʊʄʄʟɛ tɦɛ քɨքօ… աaʏ ċօʍʍɛռt…… ɨʄ ɨ ɖaʏ ċɦɛċҡ aɢaɨռ. ʊ ʝxt ċօʍʍɛռt 45ʍɨռx aɢօ ɮʊɦ ռaɦ ʊ ɮ sɛċօռɖ tʊ ɖ ʟast ռ ɖ ʟast քɛʀsօռ ċօʍʍɛռt 3ɦʀs aɢօ….sօ stօք tɦɨs ɛtɦռɨċ աaʀ ɛ ɦɛaʀ

  11. Before nko, dem no go grow? If he like born 17, na him concern. Na so una go dey make gross behaviours trendy.

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  15. Abeg help me tell dem oo
    These kids ain’t 2baba’s. People don’t check fact before running their mawts

  16. They are not more than seven cos I counted it .the first girl standing and the one with annie making it two then the two boys standing making it four then the two that wore Dsame uniform and the one pressing phone making it seven so hes correct with the numbers but only God and their mothers knows whether they are his children or not .


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