“I’m Tired Of Being A Virgin”- A 21 Year Old Nigerian Girl Cries Out


A Nigerian lady who is 21-years old has cried out about the frustration she is currently facing with men for being a Virgin. A lady who is unable to explore s3x due to her Virginity has written to Joro Olumofin to seek an alternative solution to the problem which is deterring her from keeping a relationship. Read her post below:

“I’m Tired Of Being A Virgin”- A 21 Year Old Nigerian Girl Cries Out 1

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  1. Rubbish comments, and u virgin girl ur suppose to be proud of being a virgin and keeping it for ur Future husband that would love nd respect u, ur complaining ur a shame to woman wood.

  2. Nze sebastine, Abbah Isaac stop Acting Like an illiterate was there a comment where I mentioned I was a virgin

  3. that is not a problem in Nigeria,u have people who can solve&destroy that problem all around u.just go 2one of our club,get real drunk&leave d rest 2God

  4. For God’s sake what is bad in being a virgin at your age. Some virgins are older than you and they are not in a hurry to lose it to just anybody. Anyways, it’s a free world, it’s your choice

  5. Don’t mind her she is not a virgin, this face resemble face dat received over 49 differences joysticks.

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  7. Here is my advice do wat u mind tells u to do bt dnt make mistakes dat 2mrw u will regret it even u want to loss it do it wit some one dats love an care for

  8. My sister what are u still waiting for, if you’re tired of being a virgin, kindly use a nearby object eg stick etc and punch U0001f44a on it..
    Wetin concern us with your virginity..

  9. Pls keep quiet! Tired of being a virgin? R u sure ur still a virgin? Wats wrong with being a virgin ? n y r u talking rubbish on fb.?U r not even 21…u look 25!!!

  10. U suppose to be happy being a virgin wot u suppose to keep 4 yr future husband dat we lve and respect my advice 4 u is dat u shuld keep it 4 yr husband

  11. U are tired of beingn a virgin lol why u no go be virgin when you no wan allow those boys do there part no be persson u gree allow do go do abeg no cum here they cry u know what to do if u wanna disvirgin

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  13. Gold or diamond, and if u lost it u hv loss it forever so gal it better u loss it to ur wedded husband Dan any hw guy wait until u the married u will enjoy it better Dan lossing it nw, becose d bible recommend a virgin as a woman wit a Velsen of honor and dere glory cover d glory of dere husband, dere husband find favour any were dere go just becose of dere wife so my dear don’t be tired but be proud of ur self owk

  14. It’s not a problem, anywhere u are pls locate mushin, as of jocasson hotel.. Come up straight Manchester, ur p will be solved

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  16. My advise to u if trully ura still a virgin is that u should be proud of it nd not d urder way round,instead of u being uccupied by ur stuy or work ura there talking or planing of lussing ur virgin rubbish

  17. CNN breaking news,if u no see any man 4 road go 2 d prison yards n no ned 4 u 2 choose jst tell d guilders on charge….u go get den plenty.big fool

  18. hmmmm….virginty its ur pride keep it dt be ashamed…..bt u nt ment to let d world knw who yu ar…

  19. being a virgin is good bt it does make a women/ladies a vitious one so many men dont even fancy virgin again,who ur virginity help

  20. I wonder what your picture is even doing here, which virgin are you talking about self? Who talk say you be virgin? Who we go ask? You just want make reasonable people start to de waste their time for your none making sense matter abi?


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