EXPOSED: Big Brother Naija Show Is A Fraud! – How They Plan Making TBoss Win #BBNaija


Big Brother Naija show: Dear Nigerians and the whole of Africa, listen up. Big Brother Nigeria is a big time fraud. The producers, management, team and everyone involved in the backend are certified frauds and yes, they want TBoss to win! This has happened for so long a time and being one week left, it’s best we all open our eyes to see what these guys are doing at the backend! They harnessed 11 million votes, 11 million votes for tonight’s eviction show.

Did you all see the voting stats for today’s eviction show? TBoss led the poll with 26.49%  TBoss for crying out loud! The same TBoss that had a far lesser percentage a week before. How, how did she magically gain the love of Nigerians, South Africans, Ghanaians and the rest of Africa overnight? 


After they tried making TBoss not to be in the chopping board for eviction by (introducing a slimey-like nomination strategy, which was to ensure that the housemate with the highest votes by other housemates will be excluded from the eviction. They obviously did this because they projected that TBoss will have the most votes) and tonight, they most likely manipulated votes, making TBoss lead in the polls so no one will question her eventual win on the last day.

This is their strategy: TBoss leading in tonight’s eviction show, makes we (the viewers automatically feel that the star prize is amongst She, Efe and Bisola).Then the masterplan is, being that Efe and Bisola are close, their fans will split votes between themselves. Then the other votes will be shared between Marvis and Debie Rise. My projection is,

  • TBoss wins with 29%
  • Bisola gets 25%
  • Efe gets 24%
  • Debie Rise gets 12%
  • Marvis comes out with 10%

Saying I am shocked with the voting stats of today, is saying the least to be honest but then again, this is on an “alleged basis”. I hope and pray the best man/woman actually wins this.

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  1. You are right dat y I don’t watch it again or Vote anyone imagine tboss winning ttt with votes dat is a big lie

  2. if Tboss win. i will never watch bbnaija again and nobody around me will do so. i don’t know what she is still doing there. just quarreling and tbossing

  3. Make big brother no try himself o, na naija we de no make ham do ojoro o, our eyes de himbody, make he try nonsense den he go knw say we knw him face

  4. God will not let their plan work. Thunder will fgire anyone that will want to manipulate the votes. Those can never win bbn, except this’d is the last Bbn.

  5. -Big Brother Naija records 11Million votes…
    -1vote = 30naira…
    -11,000,000 X 30 = N330,000,000 Million…
    -And the winner goes home with 25Million…
    -Voters stays at home with shi shi…

    Some people gathered 14 persons kept them in one house in SA, and some other people in Nigeria are buying fuel with their money to watch them and still vote with their money.
    Prayer Point
    My father, Anywhere they have tied our sense, on top of coconut tree or inside lagoon, I release it by fire now
    Oya Everybody begin to pray.


  6. The fact that you didn’t vote TBoss doesn’t mean other people ain’t voting. I have been voting & I can tell of people voting intensively for her! We personally Increased our vote before the weekend she lead with 26.49% Abeggy stop this idiotic propaganda!

    #TeamTBoss ain’t empty barrels who flogs the internet with how they have voted their favourite housemate mates with 3,000 vote meanwhile they have done nothing but to print out shirts with the favourite housemate head on it.
    Dum oh Dume people!

    We are smooth operators, we don’t make noise, we do the needful… The money we suppose use print shirt we invest it in voting for TBoss.

    The time you guyz are wasting away on the street, we double our hustle (by not giving ourselves public holiday & roving the street)

    We don’t have time wander on street & ramble idly
    We Vote TBoss!!

  7. Tboss has nothing in her head. I don’t even see her as someone who can hold her ground. Someone who can not recite the National Anthem. What a shame. Anyway, BBN seems to be a scam. We learnt she pleases the management of the show by exposing her private part to the cameras in the private shower whenever she’s taking her bath. Mccccccccheeew.

  8. Is only efe we know and have on our shoulder, and if anything outside that happen we question big brother naija for d ojoro.,…. Big brother we are warning u now stop that nonsense ur doing for Christ sake for the progress of Nigeria…. And if tboss win make she no comeback to Nigeria again or else……

  9. U guys are talking rubbish her fans n private jet suitors re busy voting while u all re hear ranting..she will win and heaven wont fall get dat.

  10. The question is…… Are you voting? Or you are just sitting at home, liking Efe and expecting him to win. Yesterday someone gave me 5000 naija to vote for Those. I voted for 4000 and took 1000. That’s how serious BBN is……..

  11. The person who wrote this article is seriously crazy, the fact you don’t vote for your fav that doesn’t mean Tboss fans don’t vote. Get a life it’s just a game/reality show.


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