Davido Buys N48Million ($120,000) Rolex Wrist Watch (Photos + Video)


From these photos and the attached video,Musician Davido might have bought a new watch. It looks similar to the $120,000 watch he bought in February which was why it is assumed to be the same one….

Davido Buys N48Million ($120,000) Rolex Wrist Watch (Photos + Video) 1

He posted the following story on his snapchat  where he goes into the store to buy a new wrist watch. In the video, we see the clerk/cashier person count the money on a counting machine and we then see Davido with the wrist watch on his hand.

Davido Buys N48Million ($120,000) Rolex Wrist Watch (Photos + Video) 2

Davido Buys N48Million ($120,000) Rolex Wrist Watch (Photos + Video) 3

Davido Buys N48Million ($120,000) Rolex Wrist Watch (Photos + Video) 4

Watch Video Below

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  1. If u die u no go carry am go oh so make u bless the needy , its good to spend ur money o not like this biko , orphans , widows , boko haram victims full north , people r sick in the hospital that needs money for surgery pls na beg I dey beg go donate so u go get more blessings .

  2. Rubbish, there re lot of poor people around him, why can’t our celebrities learn, what a waste of money, if he has given schooler ship to the poor children fro his village, it would have been recorded in heaven, may God have mercy on him

  3. That watch was meant for a human being to wear, if he likes it and can afford it, he should definitely have it
    Do you know what he does for charity?

  4. How much watch does Zuckerberg rock all through his visit? Compare both of them and place Davido. His level of thinking. That money could be used to float a business that will make him more money and employ jobless Nigerians but no. Nobody should post rubbish here when thieves takes the watch from him.

  5. Brother vanity upon vanity all is vanity, surrender your life and your totality to Jesus the bible says seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other thing shall be added on to it

  6. Na mumu them be. When their neighbors are dying of hunger. Beggars littering the streets of Nigeria. Na them go first blame President

  7. Money wey u suppose use help d poor mey God bless u d more u kari am go d buy watch,d tym wey dat woch go show u nobi d same tym 1000# woch go still show?

  8. When there are so many people on the street begging, looking for what to eat a day & you are here showing us the nonsense watch you bought. Are they no people in your village. Or you didn’t see flavour how he help the less privilege, the widow’s. Were is your humanity for Christ sake,you better change before it is too late

  9. Save in heaven, where moth do not destroy. Go to the home for the handicapped, motherless babies, give schorlaship to brilliant students, help the needy, form NGO’s for the helpless. Your successes will be stored for you in heaven.


  11. So wetin u want make I do, should I clap U0001f44f over his stupidity. I if don’t have something important to post, bros biko leave it vacant we go understand.

  12. Nonsense. God must definitely judge all those this. People are out there dying of hunger y some one is just waisting money for nothing not serious. I want to knw if that watch will tell him the time Jesus is coming.

  13. Foolishness… Help the less privilaged, help the poor. Take that money to the orphanage home. Rather invest your money for tomorrow.

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  15. U want him to come and be distributing money for u and d poor,as d president or what? U and davido hu senior each other? Am not advising him to continue doing dat,but everyone supoz to work bc IN D DIGNITY OF LABOUR IN D BIBLE it was written dat hu ever didn’t work shud also not eat..Tnx and remain blessed.

  16. See you distribute for who ? I said orphans and pls read b4 u comment OK I see u r a little boy that’s why I am free to express my opinion and u r as well so watch it. Davido is just twenty and our last born my younger one is almost 35 so respect ur self there OK not after u run ur mouth u tell me to remain blessed

  17. But i still believes that had it mean that good luck won this election there will be blood shed in Nigeria believe me bro


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