7 Nollywood Blockbuster Movies You Can’t Afford Not To Watch This Year – Watch Their Trailers

Adesua Etomi in Muna (Photo: Kevstel Production)

Nollywood blockbuster movies: 2017 wasn’t a great year for movies helmed by Nigerian filmmakers. While we got a couple enjoyable, original films — Banana Island Ghost and Isoken — we were mostly saddled with sequels that disappointed — The Wedding Party 2Wives On Strike 2 and 10 Days in Sun City.  So, we headed into 2018 with our fingers crossed, hoping for some great movies by Nigerian filmmakers — not just here in Nollywood, but in Hollywood as well. One of the movies that was high on our list was Julius Onah’s addition to the Cloverfield franchise, The Cloverfield Paradox

Following The Cloverfield Paradox’s surprise release on Netflix over the weekend, it was met with mostly negative reviews from critics and fans alike. Well, our hopes haven’t been completely dashed. We still have some upcoming movies by Nigerian filmmakers that could easily turn the tide.

From Izu Ojukwu’s epic drama about the 16th century Muslim warrior queen, Amina to Faraday Okoro’s film about email scammers, Nigerian Prince, we’ve made a list of seven upcoming 2018 movies that have the potential to be pretty great.

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