15 Mysteries WWE Will Never Reveal To You About Undertaker – This Might Make You Stop Watching Wrestling (With Pictures)


The career of The Undertaker is the stuff of legends. Spanning an awe-inspiring 27 years to date, the Deadman has served as a cornerstone of WWE and the pro-wrestling world at large ever since his debut in 1990. But with a persona steeped in so much mythology, there are bound to be some bypassed storylines and unexplained plot-points along the way. And while some of these have been deliberately ignored for the sake of time and story progression, others have nagged at the collective consciousness of fans for months, years, and sometimes even decades!

Now, before all the “you know wrestling is fake, right?” jabs start popping up, let me correct you by saying that wrestling isn’t fake; it’s predetermined and scripted. There’s a difference. And just like any TV show or movie that doesn’t answer all your burning questions, similar is the feeling when a storyline in WWE is left unanswered. So indulge in the kayfabe with me, suspend your logic and belief, as we explore 15 mysteries concerning the legendary Undertaker that have yet to be answered… and probably never will be.

15. Has The Undertaker Truly Retired?

The biggest mystery surrounding The Undertaker is the question of his career. We saw Roman Reigns defeat the Deadman at WrestleMania, becoming only the second man in history to claim the title of victor over The Undertaker on the Grandest Stage. The Phenom then proceeded to leave his famed apparel in the ring before disappearing into the mist, presumably for the last time as his long and illustrious career finally came to an end. But is that what we really saw?

According to numerous sources and a promotional image by WWE themselves, The Undertaker is set to make a comeback during Raw’s 25th Anniversary Special in January 2018. Some speculate that his induction into the Hall Of Fame will be announced on that day, in conjunction with the announcement of his retirement. But others speculate that The Undertaker is still not done with WWE.

As WrestleMania comes around once again, so do rumors of The Undertaker having one more match in the squared circle. Some say this will be his final bow, but that statement has been made multiple times over the last few years. The biggest mystery right now is trying to figure out what the future of The Undertaker may be, if any, and if the Deadman will rise once again, as he always has, to slay yet another rival in the ring.

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