15 Horrible Facts Dubai Does Not Want The World To Know About – This Will Leave You In Utter Shock


14. Labourers Work 14 Hours A Day Exposed To Blistering 120 Degree Heat

I bet everyone knows how fast Dubai is developing. While you are reading this article, Dubai probably added at least ten new skyscrapers to its possession. And the people in business can have all the money in the world, but they still need some old-school workforce to build things as fast as they do. However, the rich of Dubai don’t think that laborers should be treated equally to them. In contrary, most of the laborers are living in terrible conditions, and their lives are in danger every day.

For example, the government of Dubai advises tourists never to stay under the sun for longer than five minutes when the temperature goes over 120 degrees. That makes sense, right? However, no one cares about the workers. They still work for at least 14 hours a day. Naturally, it causes a lot of deadly accidents, but Dubai’s money silently covers all of these problems. So, before falling in love with Dubai, think about how many people had to die in the process of making it.

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  1. U guys are fucking broke! Dubai’s the most visited country from all parts of the world not just africa! U dig?

  2. You guys gave nothing to say here..

    Hug a transformer if it pains u

    And why should one kiss in public?

    So called civilised communites?

  3. UAE doesnt depend on oil anymore, its being estimated that there oil will dry off 2018, more reason they shifted to tourism and you have all those things you’v been praising all along. So dubai cant and will never go broke as long as they still have visitors. And thats a country that plans ahead of time.

  4. I feel u guys r just hating. 95% of things said here r false nd baseless. Dubai is growing fast. Lets go build our countries instead of hating on others.

    • fake bloggers am tired of reading all the shit you post all in the name of people visiting your site. Warning to this particular site. Stop posting rubbish, what’s horrible about the story you post?what concern the images with your fake stories? Stop being stupid look for a better work to do and stop fooling your self’s online. ANIMALS

  5. I He is very correct, a very racist society. Also a very exploitative society, securing cheap labour from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India to build its society. It is not what you see when you go on a visit, but what you really experience if you live there. I will prefer a European society any day because they are more cultured. It is a society of pretence that I will not visit for all the bucks in the world

  6. Just hating I’d say,why is your own country also not seizing available opportunities they’ve got to build theirs as well and implement what so ever they like on visitors.

    • I don’t trust this media, all their news are fake,and all about explicit sex, full of rumors with out been sure,readers be careful with this site their are agent of Satan.

  7. You are 100% RIGHT and I am a witness! If you’re working in Dubai my brother you will be working as a slave and talking about the seizing of passport?? That’s absolutely correct.

    You need to see how they treat our fellow Nigerians over there. Not even only Nigerians but Africans as a whole. Dubai is only meant for tourism and not for working.

  8. Idiot blogger,some stupid comments.i never being theRe,but should you leave ur country 2wrk in another mans?No!,u shudnt kiss in public,yes!exploit on visitors is good so the homelands can enjoy theirs.4d night life!YES everything evil and despicable should come alive in the night…so if u don’t want part!STAY in DOORS when it’s late.again stupid blogger, some iddiot comments

  9. Who wrote this article? The writer had few valid points but they were purely delivered. Almost maliciously so. This is utterly in bad taste

  10. If you don’t know how to promote your blog please go find better work instead of wasting people time some are looking or cook wash man and driver so go and apply idiot may God always bless Dubai you gat no point in why you saying you are a fool I guess it pain because you don’t have the privilege to go there

  11. whatever all you guys think is your opinion but what I know is that there is tangible truth in this person’s article… I love Dubai also but these Arab countries have crazy rules that can kill you for the slightest mistake.


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