10 Year Old Girl Forced to Marry 28 Year Old Man in Kaduna (Photos)


Twitter has been buzzing non-stop ever since photos of this little girl above, aged 10 allegedly getting married to a 28 year old man in Kaduna surfaced online. The wedding is said to have taken place this past Sunday.

See more photos from the wedding as you continue..

10 Year Old Girl Forced to Marry 28 Year Old Man in Kano (Photos) 1 10 Year Old Girl Forced to Marry 28 Year Old Man in Kano (Photos) 1 10 Year Old Girl Forced to Marry 28 Year Old Man in Kano (Photos) 1

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    • Stop using abusive words to any religion, itz Hausa’s culture…. Or wie av u seen a Muslim (Yoruba) dt do such.

  1. 10 and 28 that 18 years difference that she was to use to keep her virginity, that you are now taking, are you sure that your not doing any math on her, she can’t even comprehend what happening mentally
    No breast no growth! Ha ba if you want to watch a baby mature have yours! This just so nasty and wrong!

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  3. Bovi b4 u conclude atleast make some investigation first,ds did nt hppn in kano in d first place,he is nt 28 2ndly n she is nt muving in to his house untill 18,is nt that am in support bt jst telling u d real story shaa.d real event happnd in zaria any way thats dia family culture nt realy islam.hope u r nt offended.

  4. They should just conclude that they have female children so they can put them up for sale! That more than abuse! That child trafficking

  5. You speak so highly of the situation as if you are aware of the situation and highly involved, so from your post, and the culture break down, she marries him now at ten then no sex till 18 and she waits with whom to turn 18 before joining him?

  6. i happen to know some members of d fmly,she thats wht dey do in dia house d girl stays wt her parent untill she clocks 18

  7. Hauwa Abdullahi so if not drawing religion it similar to the olden days where people were giving out in marriages but waiting til certain time for them to be together! That not bad but it a bit complicated, the way you explain it make some sense that if it will happen like you proscribe it, but for some and in some places children are being giving at the same age and given out to men at that same age without waiting to turn 18

  8. May God c us tru.U0001f44fit dsnt hv anything to do wt religion some 1 lyk me i got married whn i was in 200 level in d uni.so it depend on d fmly.

  9. hauwa what if d girl falls in love and decides to marry someone else ,when she clocks 18

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  11. Ehe ehe, bcos its from d north, kiss ur feet and accept d truth biko ngodu. D governor who married a 13 yr old girl dat was published throut d news was also a lieeeeee????

  12. From were did u get d news dat she is forced to marry a 28 years guy ???? Just saying it to give islam bad name or what ???? Do u have any proof ???? What if u ar sued for d lies u have jus said do u have something to protect ur self??? Do u think islam is dat bad ??? K what ever it is dat u think is ur problem after all we dont have bby factory .

  13. We thank God that we ar muslims and practice our religion right how about commiting adultry like u d so called crstns do always.

  14. And this is not islamic teaching islam did not ask any one to get married at any certain age and for ur imformation dis did not happen in kano state is in zaria and d boy is not 28 he is in secondary school and d gal is not moving in with d boy untill she is 18 that is how there family do things so dont u dare abuse islam again if some one did something wrong pray for him or u can abuse him but not his religion. Did any one abuse ur religon when u guys open a bby factory ? No is d answer so dont ever abuse islam for someone else mistakes.

  15. All these fools Christians that abusing Muslims are not update go on check the 11 youngest mother in the world all 11 are Christians.

  16. The father needs money. So whu bi that abusing my religion I didn’t abuse ursooooo u better take time Ooooooo

  17. datz a fat lie! stop tryin to cause division by paintin our muslim brothers black danallah hw can a ten year old b forced to marry a 28yr old frm da pic yo brain suppose wake up n yo sense gas tell its nt complimenting dis article nw

  18. Yes the story is very true ,it happens in Zaria not KANU.my questions is that why abusing this innocent child ,even if she won’t move in with him now ,but he will be coming to see her every night wch their refer as Jaga before you know it he will start using his dirty fingers to touch her ,she’s too young for that kind of exposure plsssssssssssssssss..

  19. Islam religion is a religion of peace. Nobody should abuse it. The problem is dat Islam is filled with beasts that do not understand the true teachings of Prophet Mohammed.
    Just like Christianity is filled with beasts who don’t understand the true teachings if Christ..

  20. Mr. Man or woman according to ur statement it happen but the questions are, is it with the consent of the child? At 10? Now are u telling me the man will be ready to wait for the next 8 years for the girl to be adult before he starts sleeping with her? OK weda the boy is in secondary school u dindt mention his age add 8 years to the boys years and tell me if he will wait? OK what if in the process of the girl growing up she falls in love with someone else will she be crucified? Pls this is bad no matter the culture I disagree.

  21. According to the story it happen but the questions are, is it with the consent of the child? At 10? Now are u telling me the man will be ready to wait for the next 8 years for the girl to be adult before he starts sleeping with her? OK weda the boy is in secondary school u dindt mention his age add 8 years to the boys years and tell me if he will wait? OK what if in the process of the girl growing up she falls in love with someone else will she be crucified? Pls this is bad no matter the culture I disagree.

  22. The so called husband cnt wait till she turns 18, see a man in his 45 can get married to a lady in her 25, ppl wnt talk coz the lady is matured but in this case it’s a big No

  23. What u said is true when d event happens many people discussed it as u said i did not incoraged d marriege i only talk about d way u guys ar abusing and insulting muslims and islam

  24. And talking about she is too small or she is just ten i stayed in legos in onireke i happen to see d way u guys bahave with kids coz i have exprnc many child abuse there i was 10 to 11 why dont i said all d christains men ar bad they ar repiest or call dem names coz i know and blvd that dey ar not all d same and is not d teaching of there religion

  25. All i want u to understand is dont judge a religion by its followers judge it by d books and d teaching of there prophets

  26. And how do u look like maybe u look like monkey hmmm i see dats why u cant understand anything one person did something and u include everyone what is wrong with ur brain is dat what they teach u in ur area

  27. This guy that look 28 is in secondary school, okay why didt he find a secondary school girl to marry, why a 10 years old?

  28. hamy pls don’t waste your strength with this foolish Christian.. we are lion and they’re dog and you know that lion don’t mingle with dog..f00l people

  29. It funny how they always try to turn everything around to say your judging their religion, how? Are we the one that organized the idea? Who is attacking your religion!

  30. and you called yourself habeeba even if you are not Hausa, you share the same religion. you don’t reason at all

  31. Suzie,correct your first statement, there is a mistake am not hear to shout with you cause empty barrel makes noise but am here to correct your grammatical errors. f00l

  32. Its not a matter of religion. Religion and culture is a different thing, I have my culture and they have there culture. Islam doesn’t and would not encourage such a nasty thing

  33. What u talk about hausas and majority of d hausas ar muslim and d posted dis thing to show how muslims ar which is not like that dat is why i even commented on it if not i have no business with it i will red and enjoy d writeup i cant stand d fact dat someone abusing my religion

  34. Wic religion u dey practice wia u dey conderm waytin God never conderm…………. Check the way those people serve God and the way we do if it equal? In every AGE the must be an opposite direction to folo, so folo urs and never let it confince u……………… NOTE: if u dnt belive in JESUS CHRIST u are anti-christ

  35. Don’t make it a religious tin…these are certain ppl norms not religious enaction.. Christians are wicked for forcing a widow to drink her husband corps bath water.how does it feel idiot

  36. All this aboki ppl self they like evil things how can 28 years old man getting married to 10 years old girl hmmmm may God forgive u ppl

  37. U are just a fool dey also rape two years child so stop dis ur childish written, have been to kd,Zaria,minna,kano,jigawa,kastina,sokoto,zamfara,jos.so keep quiet

  38. Mercy Lawrence pls go on learn how to speak grammatical English and if you are true Christians just tell me the word Bible where it’s mentioned or Christianity don’t argue with your contradicted religeon just embrace the religion of Musa Isa Muhammad peace be upon him.

  39. 18 or not, why must she be forced into such ugly for life marriage at this tender age? I now see reasons with those who said, the Chibok Girl’s, “magana” was a purported act. Godamn! ” This is disgusting! U0001f616U0001f62d

  40. ‘One person’ hw many people were in the picture?? Or are you trying to tell me that he confided it?? He abducted the little girl

  41. U ar very stupid and ignorant as well did u read what i wrote up there or u just want to show ur own stupidity if u have been to arewa u have tell d true of what u have seen not d mistake of only one person

  42. I’am a woman not a man i know many things about ur kudu boys many of dem ar bad boys so why did’n i said all of dem coz some ar not maybe dey ar in d church serving God u see but u dont reason with arewas if one person did some something bad u will say dis arewas did dis and dat or stupid muslims or arewa and there culture……. why is just coz u dont use ur brain

  43. And a question is it in ur religion dat says a man can have sexual intercose before marrieg big No but u guys did dat and take it as nothing u even give birth to children before marrieg and some of our hausas muslims did dat and is a big sin to commit adultry

  44. And in ur own religion they ask u guys to cover ur body like d muslims do but what did u do u put on attachment u put what ever cloth u wish to were and walk on d sreets like goats and some of my muslims sisters do dat too is it in our both religions No. So dat is d only thing i was trying to explain to u guys but dat ur dump brain wont let u understand me what dey dis is WRONG i did not support dem and many muslims and hausas did not support such act. Talking about one muslim guy rapet a 2yrs old child how many of ur kind do u think i know dat did such act if i can remember almost 3 persons 1 2yrs 2 4 half years d last one i forget d child’s age but she is a kid too u if is to talk about rape and such nasty act u know ur kind ar d beast but i cant say all coz some or many ar good

  45. nd d parents of d gal also allow her….. I think say der are not ha biological parents….. radarada

  46. This is not true the man is not upto 28 that’s the custom and tradition of there family they have been into it morethan 10 years I want to assure that is a false story, and my advice for people like you who post story of not investigate about it, pls investigate before you update or narrate any kind of story even if is about you.

  47. This is grade a child abuse and also barbaric. Legislature please do something about this,it is absurd

  48. I thought this early child marriage have stopped?with all d advocacy ,,,,,,chai the girl is even happy sef,,,the thing is telling her its her birthday,,,,,,,,nawao,,,,God help us,,,what will this baby girl do 4 dis shameless goat of a husband?meenh some people really need to be in another planet like jupiter,,,,,mtcheww iranu

  49. It is a lie,,,,,, think deep now…
    How can this small girl be married, I’m sure she is not up to 10 yrs

  50. Lie,
    I also know the family
    She’s not forced… And its not like she will live with him now. She is schooling like every girl in a very good school
    She is living with her parents as of now
    When she graduate secondary school, that is when She will start her matrimonial life.
    Stop spreading lies

  51. But; what if that girl grows up and doesn’t love that man, what do you think? Ur customs and tradition is bad. A girl should allow to grow up before marrying her to any man.

  52. Frank Vanderpuye Well , the prophet did marry Aisha when she was 9. There is no point in denying that. Now the this was mind you over 1000 years ago. Child marraige was commonplace. You never saw the enemies of Rasul Allah parading around labelling him as a pedophile. Why? Because it was completely normal.Did u know Joseph married with 12 years old and Church of England married with 12 years old girl too ! English kings married 6 year olds and 8 year olds hundreds of years after the prophet of Allah. Islam maintains marraige as a matter of maturity. Of course I would not let my daughter get married if she was 15 but if she was mature and understands the responsibilities of marraige then it is completely halal. The construct of 18+ or 21+ is a western construct. You cannot apply societal attitudes of this era to a society of 1800 years ago and expect the same outcome. Heck we don’t even hold the same views we did 20 years ago.

  53. Dis is rubbish child marriage… who cares if she still leaving with parents or going to live with her husband after secondry school…. she has her life.. she needs to experience true love… she needs to knw. more about life… she needs freedom.. let us stand for d truth.my people

  54. With d explanation you gave,I can’t see anything reasonable there..
    Oga explain marriage..then answer urself

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  56. Did man doesn’t ve shame, he needs to be punished for dis wat rubbished. He’s old enough to be her father shameless man his lucky am not in dere community would ve stop d wedding and her parents re not responsible wat a world

  57. To be frank to yourself is it right at this very age to give her out for marriage, even do u say she has freedom of education, is that d only freedom she can get as young as she’s? And u are proudly saying it instead of you to Hyde your face in shame, Haba, this is wickedness, she don’t even know her right and left,

  58. And the boy is 18yrs,u people should check your facts,and she will continue to live with her parents till she finish her secondary education,

  59. Listing to yourself, u said is over ten years now thy have been practicing it, why do you want to defend them again, please if you don’t have better things to say, why don’t confess the truth, haba

  60. Y should he hide his face in shame,every body has their way of doing things just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean that its wrong,if we will go deep and look at ur own culture am sure we will find a lot of things that we may not agree with,but that does not give us the right to condemn u

  61. Is there anything like a insult here why are insulting him, read the comments below it will tell you there are people who have witnessed it, is not only bovi, haba

  62. Yes but bovi said the boy is 28,he is 18 and also in his final yr in secondary school when the marriage took place last yr

  63. will d man give his own daughter out at dat age? God will forgive n have mercy on those involved

  64. let a 35 years old man have sex with your ten years old daughter and let her tell you the pain she pass tru…even allah will punish you for inflicting that much pain on a little girl,don’t even bring prophet into this (saw) astagafurulai on your behalf

  65. Why will they punish him? He is a good follower of our leaders. How old are the chibok girls and others in the camp of the boko harm camp? What was done?

  66. dis s absurd dat gal cannot satisfy dat man on bed she’s too young fr him .dat kind of law shld b abolished cus it’s child abuse

  67. Maybe that was ur age wen u got married….. Cos i see no sense in ur point…. such a heartless being. U z she wasn’t forced, tell me wat a girl of 10 understand about marriage

  68. Aliu John Rasaq . wat if its a case of betrothment and he will av to marry properly wen she reach d age of puberty

  69. Fatima just becos you have your way of doing things does not mean you keep doing things that are wrong. God who is the author of marriage never gave Eve to Adam as a child.
    I know you are speaking in defence of your Islamic believe, there are things about your believe that may be wrong don’t be ashamed to own up. In fact some Islamic nations are now banning this practise. Its wrong and am sure you would not wantv to do that for your 10 year old daughter

  70. Lolz.. Nigerians will Neva change at least for now,so the other girl is the chief bridesmaid abi..wake up and stop jumping into conclusion

  71. Aliu don’t support radarada jare, don’t compare Muhammad’s life to our current age, it not the same at all. This is absolutely nonsense.

  72. This is not right.this is not different from child abuse.The girl is a child that have no knowledge of what marriage is all about.Don’t be surprised that to her this ceremony is just like were she is playing with an adult.Her mind is very young and fragile,for crying out loud.#sometraditionsareannoying

  73. Muslim /Hausa people are rilly sick…..wat kind of sick religion dat encourages one to get married to a child?wat happens to all d matured one’s?

  74. ure very stupid for commenting dis nonsense am sure ure frm d north.mayb u even got married to ur own wife at same age dats y ure in support of dis

  75. U re rite @ joy he is such a big fool nd a coward to conceive such thought nd D gal’s parents re d most loosed nd stupid pple on earth i ave ever hear abt wat a shame to d northerners nd Nigeria mtcheeeeeeew

  76. 28/18 what difference does it make? Y not marry her off to some 9yr old boy ? I go no say we don dey go back to d olden days

  77. It a lie, it has never happen and it cannot happen, we respect child right and we are sensible and educated people. Don’t allow social media to brainwashed u, where does it happen in Kaduna…. Let stop this lies pls.

  78. Bro, u’re on falz page.. he is just here to give #pranks
    Just this morning, he has put something up here..
    Top secret, the brother of kcee, Emoney is exposed. How he got his money!
    Another one is, Oge Okoye exposes her private part on instagram. Etcetera.

  79. I don’t know why sum pple jst likee givin themselves unnecessary headache…ow many food can the little gal cook. Or ow many house chores can she do…

  80. Men, u’re on falz page.. he is just here to give #pranks
    Just this morning, he has put something up here..
    Top secret, the brother of kcee, Emoney is exposed. How he got his money!
    Another one is, Oge Okoye exposes her private part on instagram. Etcetera.

  81. Ikewe Obianuju this signifies you lack parental care! Now u know you were breed up from a baby factory

  82. Why is it that all these COWS that called themselves Northerner shall never desist from an animalistic behavior. This is totally idiomatic from both that he-COW and the parent of the little girl.


  84. Sum men no get sense wetin dis 1 wan enjoy 4 dis small gal way no no anytin…he suppose 2 b father to ha nt husband

  85. I don’t relate wit unbelievers get a life accept Christ dats wat i gat to say to u.exchanging words wit u…noo ure nt my class ure far below my standard.get a life

  86. Devil lick this people eyes? Na wa oo. May help this Islam people that don’t have conscious. God forbid

  87. As much as I see it very wrong, d child is smiling. Wat am I saying… She is jst a child. Probably don’t even know wats going on

  88. I think its because of poverty and the child’s parents needed the money so they decided to sell their child so sorry for them and the child in particular, as for the idiot husband I think he needs deliverance

  89. speakin about maturity hans. kai bawan Allah wud u say dat 10yrs is matured?.. I call it pure illitracy, pure stupidity. summary is madness .. I’m suprise @ dis jet age one cud type sumtin in support of that

  90. anoda thing is donot hide under d umbrella of a religion to display madness.. S.A.W wudnt be jubilatin where he is now seein how messed up everything is now on earth. do u know. common let’s have human feelings. a child of 10 shud still be feed .. haba dan allah

  91. You don’t refers to her as girl but a little girl, can she even watches her under wear? What did she know about marriage, this is purely madness.

  92. I think d guy is mentally unstable bcus wat will he gain by doing dis and he will be doing d house works meant for d wife

  93. Did is pure madness, child abuse… Some pple nid serious punishment…. God forbid….some pple wer meant to b in Pluto..

  94. Pls which Joseph are u referring too? I guess d mixture of ur names is seriously affecting u mentally. U better accept Jesus and repent before it’s too late for u..its obvious u got urs at age 5 datz why u’r supporting such an abomination called child marriage.. well breeded from a woman’s breast yet u respond like u were breeded from a mad sheep goat’s…U northerners r full of manner of abomination and wickedness in d highest order..how dare u even comment wen u know how rotten ur mentality is?

  95. Dis guy Hans get as d tin deh do am…10yrs matured?Joseph got married at 12? were u in existence den to know d age of Joseph’s wife? u better repent, datz my advice to u…

  96. That is how hausa people does ,not that the man will take her to his house now, no ooo, the man will leave her in their own house on till the girl is 15years before he will come and take her to his own house as his wife.upon that see the bad market

  97. What’s the source… can someone investigate.. Hope d picture is not dad and daughter pix… can someone post more convincing pix… I doubt dis…

  98. No.Zaria to be precise,because I saw this live.I’m an eye witness,they were two sisters not one and they were aged probably 6 and 9,none was up to ten.

  99. Yes its true.The two girls that married weren’t even up to ten years of age.I was at zaria at the time of the wedding.This happened like six months ago. It’s not a rumour.

  100. The title of the movie is “Could this be true”. Grab your copies now at Ereko Idumota. Iya Ray, Baba Ray, Omo Ray, Muka Ray, Cousin Ray, Niece Ray…….All of them featured in the movie

  101. Okogogo Alli Herbiodun abi wetin u call urself u r an idiot don’t u guys v tradition 2 den wen u du tins traditionally is it right 4 me 2 abuse ur Christianity …and beside its not force dey force anybody bcos i personally kno dis ppl we r talking of its jst like introduction dat hes d person dat wil marry d girl

  102. Una too go dey post rubbish tins u r not sure of jst 4 pple 2 comment and like ur post bcos i kno surely u r not falz u r a blogger

  103. na wao, we don’t know which one to believe again, the girl was 8 years yesterday, today she’s 10 years, hmmmm!


  105. Lmao kaiii Muslim yur tradition freaks me out hahaha,but wait ah want to ask a simple question pls,and I will lyk matured answers “BUT IF HE MARRYS THIS GIRL WILL HE HAVE SEX WITH HER?”………..

  106. Yu are an animal idiot fool did yu not see that they shared it with fb 4rm the Internet Google it and see if it is not true kai wawa ne dan banza animal lyk yu yur tradition is rubbish better 4 me to be a herbalist than to be a Muslim,if yu lyk don’t repent na fire go burn yu wawa kaman kai

  107. They end up terminating d pregnancy dats d reason u don’t no but don’t argue cause I no them in person

  108. Ooor tell that yu foolish Muslim bro the truth shee wawa ne walahi,he is even saying it is not true,see It’s just a fb advice repent ooo yu pple should repent…..

  109. BAKO Aminat this is not real. The two of them Are not forced. Its is our tradition to marry at young but you cannot stabilize it will happen after been graduated from study. It is my family. And all those stupid Christen are telling what is not truth. Trying to insult others but they doesn’t considered the situation of their religion. All evil deed is not prohibited in Christian religion. Adultery prostitution fornications bad dressing neckedly and drinking alcohol. You make world in an unset conditions. You are so bad

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  111. BAKO Aminat you are right let them look for their own mistake be fore talking on what they don’t have a single Idea on.

  112. Brother & sister let do some mathematics when she will be 20yrs how old will this man be b4 she start having babies 4 him

  113. Good evening for those that are saying Muslim pls let I want it to be clear to u that tradition and religion is totally different hausa ve being doing this for long time is just like u saying all those part of igbo that eat human flesh which re Christ re making Christianity something else pls make comment on the tradition not on Islam

  114. Adulrashid habid isah i wonder wat knd of religion will mak a gal of 10yrs be force to gt married to a old man.aduldrashid u ar insuitin christians dont frgt our religion will nt tel anybody 2 married any smal gal.nd also dnt frgt ys i arg:

  115. Ys i agree with u Christian do does tin u said bt also urs ar worst we ar nt pertenders lyk u pple.There is a sayin dats say z beta to do sumtun open than doin it in an hidden place.we Christian ar proud of our religion

  116. It’s not force. More like a family tradition. Besides, that incident is almost a year old. Get genuine info before sharing

  117. @Abdulrashid Habib Isah, u don’t need to send anybody home by praising one religion over another. All we are saying is that is WRONG giving 10yrs girl out for marriage. Wrong is wrong even if is decorated with truth…… The act is illegal, barbaric, devilish, foolish, etc

  118. Imagine wat yur bro is doing marring a child not even up to a teenager……..OMG gosh……but bro is hard to say but yu ppl are animals

  119. They say common sense is not common because to someppl it takes a while 4 that common sense to be common.,4God sake wat is hausa culture and wat is Muslim tradition?…altogether are 1,haba make we the reason lyk humans na….harbosedey yu seriously need rapid attention..hausa culture and Muslim tradition is 1 thing yu are referring to in 9ja..

  120. Harbosedey or wat yu call yur self wat is hausa culture wat is Muslim tradition if there is a difference but going to the mosque dose no differentiate yu ppl so yu ppl are animals I mean the lower class of animals.


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