10 Characters From Marvel’s Infinity War Who Will Return – 5 Who Will Stay Gone

Infinity War broke the hearts of many around the globe, but the Avengers will definitely return

Infinity War Who Will Return

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters this past weekend and has already made the studio millions back. As of this writing, they made a little over $640 million….in one weekend. This puts them on the fast-track to billions for the movie. The overall movie has been well-liked by fans, but people did sort of pass away in the film. We all knew this was going to happen though. It is common knowledge that the story was going to see the end of many superheroes. It was simply which ones that people were not aware of.

The story is based on the Marvel Comic series called The Infinity Gauntlet. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe was planning to use this storyline as a guideline, they were not going to do everything the same. The main reason for this is due to the fact that Disney does not own all of the Marvel universe. While they will eventually get a massive amount of the universe when the FOX deal is cleared, they’ll still be behind on some people Sony owns.

Either way, the studio knew it could not do everything the way the comics did it because of the issue of who they owned versus who they did not. However, they also did not want to give the exact same storyline. Comic book fans love and hate this, in that they want things to stay true to the comics. While at the same time, they want to see another story and not the exact thing. Unless it revolves around a certain special comic, say like The House of M. Regardless, the studio has done well thus far with every movie they put together.

Sadly, many people passed in the movie. Clearly, it’ll be tough to know if everyone will stay gone. However, it’s currently up in the air. Until the untitled Avengers 4 comes out, we won’t know who survives. In this list, we’ll be taking an educated guess regarding who will be back and who will stay gone, however. Needless to say, SPOILER ALERT ahead for those who have yet to see the film.



During the end point of the movie…we see Bucky Barnes right there fighting alongside his friend Steve Rogers. The issue with Bucky was that he randomly disappeared as he turned to dust right in front of his friend. It was a hurtful moment to fans who loved the character and hoped he would eventually take on the mantle as Captain America when Rogers decided to pass it on or he too passed away. The overall consensus is that Bucky will be back. The primary reason is simply due to the popular and need regarding Bucky compared to some bit players here and there.

Being the best friend of Steve Rogers often means, by association, you’re just as important in many cases. In other ways, the character is too important to just ax from the MCU when we all know the importance of Bucky in the comics. On top of this, he was just now turning to the good side forever. In Wakanda, Barnes was helped out heavily. They would clear his brain up so that he could function properly and not have any trigger words restart him down a random KGB warpath.

Judging by the results, he is now clear-headed and ready to go. There’s no reason to remove him from the MCU, so Barnes will likely be back without question. It also helps that Sebastian Stan has a 9 deal contract with Marvel.



It is pretty clear that Drax the Destroyer has a lot of time left on the Guardians before he could somehow be removed from the entire MCU. Interesting as it might seem, Drax staying gone would not be a complete blow to the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, Drax brings a huge asset of honesty to the group and overall comedic ability that the MCU needs to keep around. On top of this, Dave Bautista has become quite a useful asset to the MCU as an actor. He has destroyed in the part, but he also has a deep history that cannot be overlooked. The connection to Thanos likely means that he must come back and get the revenge he’s been seeking since his first appearance in the MCU.

To ignore all of this, and simply take him out and keeping out, would be quite a horrible way of handling this popular character. For his part, Guardians director James Gunn mentioned that a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was coming and will take place after the events ofAvengers 4.

However, he also left people with an open-ended thought by saying that there will be a new team. The plan as of now is to use some different people, but to have the originals returning too. Drax has to be among them. Drax does end up lasting in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline from Marvel Comics’ original storyline. He is then used in other major universe stories afterward. So if Marvel Studios and Disney ever want to explore that, and they likely will, Drax is needed.



Mantis could very well stay gone simply due to the fact that she is a small player who outlasted her use. Mantis’ best ability is being able to feel the same feelings as others by touching them. She experiences their emotions and can even access memories and feel as the person felt when involved in the memory. She also has the ability to put people to sleep, and in the case of Thanos, put him under for a period of time. When we first saw Mantis, she was used by the God Ego to help him sleep. That said, she can in some instances be considered a useful person. How many can put a God to sleep?

However, Mantis as a fighter has limitations. The likes of Nebula being around ultimately helps the Guardians more than Mantis. On a long-term basis, Mantis very well could end up in a romantic relationship with Drax. However, this is not entirely needed. On top of this, the female characters of Gamora and Nebula are already so good that they do not need a third among them. It takes away the special nature they bring. While Mantis is a useful character in parts, it does seem like she has overextended what the Guardians can use her for.

Her passing in the Infinity War was built the same as others. Theoretically, that could very well mean she returns. However, not everyone can make it back from the war. Mantis being a casualty for the Guardians makes sense, as she is liked enough for the mourning to make sense. Yet unneeded enough to allow the Guardians to not miss a beat without her.

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